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With over 40 years of experience, we have been the leading commercial roofing repair company in all of Atlanta year after year. Our highly trained commercial roofing contractors are always available and well equipped to handle any kind of commercial roofing service. Contracting us for your routine commercial roofing maintenance and commercial roofing repairs, you are expanding the lifespan of your commercial roof as well as avoiding future headaches and additional unnecessary costs.

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Commercial Service & Maintenance Experts

We understand the importance of doing a quality commercial roofing job right the first time. Our experience, resources, and knowledge of commercial roofing services allow us to beat our roofing competition time and time again. As commercial roofing service and roofing maintenance experts, we strive to make your job as either a commercial property owner or perhaps a multi-facility manager as simple as possible when it comes to roofing service need. No need to constantly harass your contractor every time there is an issue with your facility. Simply call us and we’ll promptly send out our commercial roofing service contractors.

Rest assured that you’re in good hands with us. Whether you’re a property manager, building owner, multi-facility owner, or a maintenance supervisor. Our commercial roof service team knows just what you need to find and effectively implement solutions. We have been able to develop highly effective approaches to any commercial roofing service request. We aim to always provide our commercial roofing service clients with the highest quality commercial roofing service and a professional as well as a friendly approach to any commercial roofing service need.

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For your convenience, you can call us or simply submit a form online to speak with a commercial roofing service coordinator to get the process started.

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Once you're connected to a commercial roofing service sales representative, they will work to identify the commercial roofing service issue.

Step Three

If you choose to schedule a commercial roofing service visit, the visit and commercial roof service repairs will be performed with 2 days after your call.

Step Four

After the commercial roofing service repair is completed, you will receive pictures along with a description of the work attached to your invoice about 5-7 business day of the commercial roofing service repair.

Step Five

We are flexible when it comes to the payment options. You can process the invoice through your accounting department, or simply call in and make a payment!

Common Commercial Roofing Repairs

A common commercial roofing repair are roofing leaks. Our commercial roofing service experts are highly-skilled in investigating the origin of the leak as well as provide the most efficient commercial roof repair option as well as maintain your warranty. Because we understand the importance and value of your business, we work diligently to accommodate your schedule and make any commercial roof repairs in a timely manner so that your business isn’t interrupted.


Several things can cause holes and punctures in the roof membrane. Whether HVAC contractors installing equipment, falling tree branches, or simply debris on the roof. There are also several ways to repair this type of roof defect. We can patch the existing hole with a new membrane, fully adhering the membrane with bonding adhesive or use heat welding as well as.


An aging roof or poor roof installation are the main factors to open seams. Open seams can be repaired by fully adhering membrane to patch any open seams, or by heat welding. By choosing the right commercial roof service contractor, you will be avoiding additional headaches and costs for roof repair or roof replacement.


If there is inadequate roof drainage or if the roof drains are clogged, that can cause ponding water. To resolve this problem, removing debris from the roof and unclogging the drains are the best solution. However, if the ponding water is significant, there may be a possibility of further damage that will require attention.


Excess debris on the roof enters the roof drainage systems which causes the drainage systems to back up with debris and water. To resolve this issue, or commercial roof experts unclog the downspouts, roof drains, and gutters and remove additional debris so that the drainage system can perform to the highest standards again.


When the roof is beginning to age and time for a roof replacement is coming up you bridging walls starts to happen. Another indication of the cause of bridging walls is that your roof wasn't properly installed. The best solution would be to cut the base of the bridging wall so that the membrane can relax. Then install a new reinforced perimeter strip (RPS).


Fastener Backout occurs when water gets in the roof membrane. The water increases the rate at which the roof expands and contracts which cause the fasteners in the membrane to push out. To resolve this issue, it is best to completely remove the fasteners that have been pushed out. We check the insulation and membrane for water damage and if necessary install new ones before the fasteners get re-installed.


Another common effect of poor roof installation are blisters. Because of the poor installation air gets trapped in the membrane causing the blisters. The blistered membrane needs to then be cut so that tension can be relieved. A new modified cap sheet is then torched down patching the area of the cut membrane.


Our commercial roofing service experts also specialize in determining when the roofing caulk has declined down to where it needs to be replaced. If the declining caulk is left unattended, you may be facing more serious problems and additional costs.

Lenox Roofing Specializes in Repairing Commercial Roofs

When it comes to commercial roofing services, Lenox Roofing has held the title for the best for many years. After servicing thousands of commercial roofs, and thousands of happy customers, there is no doubt our experience and knowledge are unmatched. Not only do we put our clients’ need first, we do it all in a timely manner and keep our prices low. 

Our commercial roofing service experts are all professional and friendly. They are capable of quickly diagnosing the problem as well as identifying the solution.

Our commercial roofing service experts take the time to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the process.

We pride ourselves in being one of the very few commercial roofing companies that offer not only high-quality work but focus on durability, energy efficiency, and excellent customer service. Call us for your commercial roofing service need at 404-504-7095

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